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Thank you for your entries. Submissions for the 2016 IAB MIXX Awards are now closed.

Entry Requirements

Each entry into the IAB MIXX Awards requires a creative sample and a written brief.
PDF Click here to download a sample PDF of the entry form.

Creative Samples
Creative counts for 25% of the overall score and should clearly show the work and the interactive experience. Creative samples in languages other than English must include subtitles or translation.

  • Case study videos are strongly recommended but not required. Videos should be no longer than 2-3 minutes and tell both the story behind the work and prominently feature the creative and interactive experience.

Click here to view a sample case study video.

For additional creative sample guidelines, click here.

Written Briefs
Briefs have 3 sections that each account for 25% of an entries total score. Briefs should be concise and free of jargon. All briefs must be submitted in English.

Typical case study lengths are 1,000-1,500 words. Brevity and clarity are important factors in how judges evaluate entries. It is strongly recommended that written briefs not exceed 1,500 words. Exceeding the word limit may be grounds for disqualification.

The written case study MUST answer the following questions:

  1. Objective/Goal: What was the brand trying to accomplish?
    In this section outline the strategic business or marketing challenge the work was created to address. (E.g. Improve overall brand perception? Create unique consumer engagement? Increase market share? Increase brand awareness? Drive $x unit sales? )
    25% of overall score
  2. Idea and Execution: What was the “big idea” as well as the plan developed to meet the brand’s goals?
    In this section outline the key insight/s that informed the work and strategic plan for accomplishing the goals outlined in Section 1. (E.g. What was the inspiration behind the work? What interactive tools, tactics and platforms were used to execute that vision? Why were they chosen? How were those tools used to make the work unique and noteworthy?)
    25% of overall score
  3. Results: How did you/the client know the work was successful in meeting the objectives stated in Section 1?
    In this section outline how the work was evaluated, and how you/the client knew the work accomplished its goals. (E.g. What proof points or metrics show that the work met or exceeded the brand’s expectations? What effect did the work have on the brand’s business? Beyond clicks and shares, what else was important in evaluating the impact of the work?)
    25% of overall score

Creative Sample Guidelines
Creative samples must be accessible via working web links to the actual creative or landing page. The best creative samples allow the judges to interact with the work, or clearly illustrate the interactive experience of the work. If there are any problems accessing the links provided during the judging phases, disqualification can result.

Although it is not required, a case study video no more than 2-3 minutes long that prominently features the visuals and consumer experience of the actual creative work is strongly suggested.

Creative Video Guidelines
PLEASE NOTE: You cannot upload video directly to the submission form. Creative samples must be accessible via URL or FTP so they can be viewed or scored by the judges.

Recommended formats:

  • YouTube (embedded video or direct link) or video provided by Vimeo, Brightcove, or other embedded means.
  • Flash video (embedded within a URL)
  • Quicktime (.mov or m4v)

For a sample video, click here.

Additional guidelines:

  • Active URL to landing page or FTP site with links to each creative element of the campaign; or multiple active URLs (separate each URL with a comma). If providing links, please make sure sites are live. Broken links are grounds for disqualification.
  • Login information – if applicable
    • Username
    • Password
  • Additional instructions (for example, “click on the XYZ campaign tab”)
  • All usernames, passwords, or links to creative must remain active until January 1, 2017.
  • Keep in mind that each member of the screening committee and judging panel will be reviewing dozens of entries. Therefore, expect that they will be able to devote only a few minutes to each entry. Please submit all entry materials exactly as they were requested. Any missing materials or information can result in disqualification.