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IAB MIXX Awards 2016
Digital Creativity that Works

Entry Categories

The IAB MIXX Awards recognizes and celebrates the best of the best in digital marketing that creates an exceptional user experience that is moving, deeply engaging, and/or interactive. The winning work ultimately serves to educate the marketplace about what works and why in digital advertising, as well as inspire the community by pointing to future trends and where the industry is heading.

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Brand Strategies and Objectives

Achieving strategic brand goals through exceptional use of digital elements.

** Denotes new category

Category Description Examples of Winning Work

Brand Awareness and Positioning

Elevating the perception of a brand or brand attributes. This applies to both new brands and reinvigorating existing brands

Brand Citizenship/Cause-Marketing

Strategically aligning a brand and its values with a cause

Branded Content

Creating original, entertaining, or informational content that highlights the core attributes of a brand

Branded Utility

Adding value to consumers’ lives by creating a functional and useful service or tool that connects with the core attributes of a brand


Connecting a brand, product, or service with a business audience.

** Digital to Destination

Leveraging digital to drive consumers into a physical location such as retail store, restaurant, or movie theater


** Cracking the Code

Creating an authentic and resonating brand experience for a specific niche audience such as millennials, women, minorities, etc.


Data-Inspired Creative

Leveraging data to inspire a visually compelling creative concept, execution, and delivery

Direct Response and Lead Generation

Driving direct response or generating prospective customers to meet brand goals

** Internet of Things

Building brands through connected physical devices or objects, including wearables, in-home, in-car, etc.


** Live Experience Integration

Aligning a digital brand experience with a live event or vice versa


** Physical-Digital Integration

Creating an immersive brand experience that marries the physical and digital worlds



Creating unique marketing that engages a sub-group of a larger population in a way that plays on cultural context or heritage

Omni-Channel Storytelling/Cross-Media Integration

Creating and delivering compelling, complete, and cohesive brand storytelling across multiple screens and platforms by tailoring each piece of content/creative to the appropriate platform or channel

Product Launch

Introducing consumers to a new product or service

Public Service

Inspiring altruism or changing behaviors through pro bono work on behalf of a non-profit or government agency

** Social - Community Building

Utilizing social platforms to build or foster a community on behalf of a brand

** Social - Influencer Marketing

Engaging a specific audience by partnering with a celebrity, social ambassador, or social influencer

** Social - Real-Time Engagement

Capitalizing on a current event or cultural moment to promote a brand


Brand Tactics and Tools

A digital execution that contributes to a marketing goal.

Category Description Examples of Winning Work

Branded Site

An online destination or microsite that provides an exceptional user experience and communicates key brand attributes or values

Creative Optimization Ad Technology

Using data to transform brand assets or creative into personalized messages that target the right audience at the right time

Digital Audio

Marketing that primarily utilizes digital audio to deliver a brand messaging experience in a streaming or downloadable format

Display Ad

An online display ad that delivers an exceptional level of consumer engagement



Marketing that utilizes geo-targeting or geo-aware technology to leverage location to drive consumer and brand connections

Interactive Out-of-Home

Marketing that leverages digital billboards, posters, interactive screens, or installations for reaching consumers when they are in public or commercial locations

Mobile – Branded App

A standalone branded app that advances brand goals by reaching consumers in a mobile environment

Mobile – Branded Games

Advertising or marketing functioning primarily through, or in, a mobile game environment, including branded games and dynamic in-game executions

Mobile – Branded Site

A mobile brand destination or microsite that provides an exceptional user experience and communicates key brand attributes or values

Mobile – Display Ad

A mobile display ad that delivers an exceptional level of consumer engagement


Marketing that’s assimilated into the design of a page and/or is consistent with platform’s format


An exemplary use of search marketing tactics

Video – Online Commercial

A commercial created with the intent of leveraging digital platforms (e.g., social, mobile, etc.) or the unique capabilities of an interactive environment to increase reach and/or enhance a brand experience. Can include pre-, mid-, and post-roll delivery

Video – Interactive Video Ad

An ad that appears within video content and enables consumer to interact or control a brand experience


** Virtual and Augmented Reality

Marketing that leverages computer-generated simulation of a real-life environment or situation or layers computer-generated enhancements on top of an existing reality to create an immersive and/or interactive brand experience.